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School of Arts – University College Ghent

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the
Royal Conservatory

Ghent, Belgium.


Visual arts, Audio-visual art, Interior design, Drama, Music

Degrees offered
Doctorate in the Arts (awarded by University Ghent)

Student Body
2114 students
73 researchers

Doctoral School consists of University Ghent, in association with University College Ghent.

School of Arts, University College Ghent, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the
Royal Conservatory together constitute the School of Arts of University College Ghent.

Research in the Arts includes theoretical, practice-based, the combination of both & other.

Duration: 6 Years.
  • Assistant: 6 Years Full Time.
  • Professor : 6 Years, Half Time

Min. 70% of research, max. 30% of taught element

The doctoral program is credit-based.

The output of the artistic research is based on a final outcome. The outcome is a combination of text and artistic output( depends on the research subject) and a written element is obligatory.
Teaching Obligations/Opportunities:
  • Full Time Research Assistants: max.30% of teaching, min.70% of research
  • Professors Doctorating: 50% of teaching, 50% of research


Middle Period:
  • Yearly evaluation of the doctoral advisory committee
  • Every two years evaluation rapport of the researcher
  • Evaluation of the supervisors (artistic supervisor, university supervisor)

End Period:
  • The certificate of the Doctoral Training Programme Ghent University
  • Evaluation of written output and artistic output by a jury (artistic/university)
  • Doctoral defense

The supervisors of the University have a Phd. The artistic supervisors are excellent artists. Some of them have a Phd. There is no training programme for supervisors

Criteria for selection new researchers/ students includes research proposal, artistic CV and is reviewed by the research commission ART.