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In Finland there are five HAE institutions with university status. The majority of doctorates is awarded by Aalto University and Sibelius Academy [approx. 10 Doctors of Art and 8 Doctors of Music per year]. There are further PhD programmes at the Theatre Academy; Finnish Academy of Fine Art; and University of Lapland, faculty of art and design. Other universities are engaged through the Doctoral Programme of Music, Theatre and Dance hosted by Sibelius.
Standard duration for a doctorate is four years. However, of more than 400 registered third-cycle students less than half study full-time, and only 30-40 obtain a PhD annually. [This is because study is free of charge, but funded positions are scarce.]
Finland recognizes a licentiate degree, roughly equivalent to an MPhil, but only Sibelius has awarded it in recent years. There have been postgraduate studies at Finnish art universities since 1981/1982, full doctorates since 2003.

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