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The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, HAE institutions as hogescholen do not have university status. The Royal Academy and Conservatoire, The Hague and Leiden University cooperate in an Academy for the Creative and Performing Arts, which hosts the PhDArts programme and participates, along with the Amsterdam Conservatoire, in the DocARTES programme. Candidates obtain their PhD at Leiden University.
Two PhD students are also hosted by the Utrecht School of the Arts, related to the MaHKU research master’s programme.
A 2010 report on the Future of Higher Arts Education stressed the need for art academies to develop a research profile, but mainly so as in order to become knowledge centres for art practice and educational developments.
The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research will run a pilot funding two artistic research projects, with a set duration of four years and an initial salary of € 2000 approx.

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