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EUFRAD Stockholm 2011
27-30 September 2011

DOCH, University of Dance and Circus and Konstnärliga Forskarskolan (the Swedish national research school in the field of arts) together with the other higher seats of learning in the arts in Stockholm are planning the second meeting of EUFRAD, the European Forum for Research Degrees in Art and Design. The meeting takes place in the frame of the SHARE Academic Network for research in the arts.

Forms of Documentation and Presentation of Artistic Research

Stockholm 27 – 30 September 2011

In the new Swedish program for artistic research education, a documented artistic research project is at the centre and has replaced the more traditional written thesis. There is a lively debate about the forms of documentation presented in Sweden as well as in other countries. For this reason we wish to focus the EUFRAD gathering on the theme: Forms of Documentation and Presentation of Artistic Research. The meeting is primarily directed toward participants in artistic research programmes. We will arrange parallel seminars with a wealth of time for discussion, lead by internationally well renowned artists. The doctoral level students will discuss how forms of documentation and presentation of artistic research can be questioned, widened and developed. What is done through documentation? Is the presentation what it wishes to be? We would like to explore topics such as the high tech – low-tech dichotomy, high budgets - low budgets, different forms of exhibitions, installations, performances etc. and how this can be transferred, used and developed as documentation within an artistic research context.

We are looking for interesting, smart, unique, cheap – or costly – solutions to develop and change conventions for documentation, presentations, seminar activities and progress reports for artistic research projects.

  • EUFRAD wants to be an occasion for doctoral level students in the arts and design to be part of a larger, international context.
  • EUFRAD wants to create an understanding for how specific attitudes toward research are decided by national standards, definitions and policies.
  • EUFRAD wants to create an opportunity for tutors to doctoral level students for an exchange of experience and for raising their competence in an international context.
  • EUFRAD aims to strengthen the link between the disciplines of art and design as well as to other non-related areas of research.
  • EUFRAD aims to highlight the importance of artistic research and its contribution to the collective formation of knowledge as well as being a strong progressive factor for our economic, social and cultural well being.

In the afternoon of Tuesday 27 September, when everyone has arrived and registered, we will take a boat trip in the archipelago outside Stockholm, to spend the evening together.
During the second and the third day (28-29 September) there will be parallel seminars/workshops on the topic of “documentation and presentation”, with 8 – 10 artists/doctoral researchers in each group, led by the invited artists and researchers (so far Sandi Hillal & Alessandro Petti, Melati Suryodarmo, Gerhard Eckel, Lisi Raskin and Maria Berríos). The seminars will be held in different locations around Stockholm, “alternative” spaces where the space itself could be part of the discussion. In these smaller groups each participant is expected to present and discuss how questions concerning documentation and presentation are problematized in their own research project. Parallel sessions on the same topic will be held for the supervisors. In the evenings we will arrange for the groups to meet, to eat and drink and hang out with each other in a more informal manner.
On Friday 30 September  there will be a final/conclusion gathering where the different groups will be given the opportunity to share the experiences and insights they have made. The meeting will be rounded off by lunchtime.

The first EUFRAD meeting was held in Glasgow in September 2009 with 17 doctoral level students and 17 supervisors. The planned meeting in Stockholm is primarily aimed at doctoral level students and the number of participants is expected to be substantially higher as it will be paralleled with the meeting for the participants of the Swedish program for artistic research education within Konstnärliga Forskarskolan.

All doctoral candidates must submit the application form no later than 15 June 2011 (the attendance of the supervisor and her/his name is notified in the same form.) Applicants will receive a letter of acceptance/rejection no later than 1 July and the application fee of 150 € is due no later than 1 August.

To register, please fill in the registration form at

The application fee covers the costs of hosting and the lunches, evening meals and refreshments over the three and a half days. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the participants themselves in addition to the application fee. Travel is arranged by the participants. Hotel rooms are pre-booked by the organizers, at a cost of approximately 110-130 € / night.

Questions concerning the content of the conference can be addressed to Johan Widén at DOCH at johan.widen [at]

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