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Melita Kovacevic

University of Zagreb

Melita Kovacevic is EUA-CDE Steering Committee Chair. Melita Kovacevic was a member of different national and European bodies related to higher education. She has been frequently invited to give talks on different topics related to HE reforms home and abroad. Within the UNICA network Melita Kovacevic is in particular active in the area of doctoral education and research.

Melita Kovacevic serves as Vice-Rector for Research and Technology at the University of Zagreb from 2006 and she is Full Professor at the Department of Speech and Language Pathology. She is Head of the Laboratory for Psycholinguistic Research and Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme Language and Cognitive Neuroscience. Melita Kovacevic held research and visiting positions at different European and American universities and is a member of various national and international societies.

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