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SHARE Conference Aarhus 2014
20-21 June 2014

SHARE Conference Aarhus: 
Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities

20 – 21 June 2014

Please note that the date for the SHARE Conference Aarhus was previously announced as 13-14 June 2014. The conference will now be held 20-21 June 2014.

Registration is now closed. 

The deadline to register was Monday 9 June.
For more information including fees please contact Conference Manager Marte Brinkman:


Full Programme Now Online! 


The conference Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities seeks to bring together artistic researchers, spatial practitioners, architects, urbanists, planners, designers, artists of all disciplines, musicians, composers, performers, activists, community organisers and city-dwellers to consider the question of the contemporary city as a site of enquiry, debate and political and professional contestation.

If in the 20th century the city became a focus of both projective utopian design and calls for spatial cultural renewal, in the 21st century cities have become – arguably – the most highly contested construct within the whole spectrum of creative spatial practices. Cities are multiplying, categories, typologies and analytics of the city are also multiplying: from the bottom-up informal city to centrally-planned cities-from-zero; from imagined favela-open-form cities to fortress cities; from hungry cities to battlefield cities; from green cities to tent-cities. Contemporary cities – in all their particularity and strangeness, with all their different forms of ownerships and commons – present us with a fundamental challenge for critical enquiry and creative research.

In this the fourth conference of the SHARE network (operating since 2010), we mark the beginning of a new phase of work for the ELIA/SHARE network through this collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture. In partnership with Aarhus, the SHARE dialogue on artistic research education moves further into the question of the key research themes emerging across arts (architecture, design, visual arts, performing arts, media arts …).

We seek to open up some of the themes that may serve to frame the artistic research agenda for the next decade. This conference is also an opportunity to bring together colleagues from across different disciplines to consider what have become arguably the most complex, contested and controversial research spaces / research themes / research objects / research problems: contemporary cities. 

Sub-themes and workshops within the conference include:

For further information please contact ELIA Deputy Director Schelte van Ruiten at 

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