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Saturday 12 May

Welcome to Day 2    
(Mick Wilson and Schelte van Ruiten)

Keynote 3 (Bill Gaver)
Making it up as we go along: Examples and Implications of Research through Design

Moderator: (Ruth Mateus-Berr)

Over the last 10 years or so, my studio has produced and studied a number of prototype computational devices intended to open new ways of thinking about both technology and people. Exploring curiosity, spirituality and place, the devices demonstrate how technologies might reflect the broad range of values and forms of engagement that characterise everyday life.

Our work relies on a methodological approach that balances speculative projection with empirical encounters, and subjective exploration with externalisation. In particular, we embrace ambiguity, personal engagement and uncertainty as positive values that can distinguish research through design from forms of research based on scientific models of accountability. This has clear implications for the accountability of our procedures, as well as the new knowledge we can claim -- a trade-off I argue is well worth-while. In this talk, I describe several examples of our work, and speculate about what embracing research through design in this way means for doctoral supervision.

Bill Gaver is Professor of Design and leads the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths, University of London. With his group, he has developed approaches to design ranging from Cultural Probes to the use of documentary film to help assess peoples' experience with designs, pursued conceptual work on topics such as ambiguity and interpretation, and produced highly-finished prototypes that have been deployed for long-term field trials and exhibited in major international exhibitions. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a member of the SIGCHI Academy.
Audience Discussion

Break for coffee and tea

SHARE Working Group Reports

Graduate School Models (Mick Wilson)

Building New Programmes (Anna Daucikova)
12:15 -12:30
Networking Supervisors & Researchers in Europe Speaker (Klaus Jung)

12:30 -12:45 
Advocacy Challenges & Communicating the Contribution of Artistic Research (David Dibosa)
12:45 -13:00 
Quality Assurance Issues (Henk Borgdorff)


Parallel Workshops (Choose One Workshop)

A. Supervisors’ Support in Artistic Research Doctoral Programmes – Some Specific Challenges
(Nina Malterud)

B. Typologies of Research – “Design Research” / “Artistic Research”
(Márton Szentpéteri and Andris Teikmanis)

C. Art and Architecture: Constructing Transdisciplinary Knowledge Spaces
(Leandro Madrazo)

D. The Research Catalogue: Publishing Art in Academia
(Henk Borgdorff)

E. Making EU Framework Bids/ Erasmus Models
(Truus Ophuysen)

F. What are the Possible Futures for PhDs in Curatorial Practice?
(Paul O’Neill)

Break for coffee and tea

Plenary Conference Respondent (John Rajchman)

Moderator: (Henk Slager)

16:15-17:00  Closing Discussion

Moderator: (Kieran Corcoran)

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