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Niran Baibulat


In my research work my concern is an embodied approach to a place.  A viewer and author are both in motion. As a method, I have used walking, not only to comprehend a place but also as a medium to transform the production of place. For that purpose I use two concepts: location and movement.

What interests me in walking, is not only an everyday activity but rather the fact that it affords a method, a process to access other activities such as crocheting. Here I see crocheting as a method and skill of everyday utilization.  The work of art is seen as a process.

I juxtapose walking and crocheting; both have bodily gestures, trajectories and both proceed in a linear way. I try to open up this issue by the concept of translation. I see translation as a change of mode from walking, the work done by feet to crocheting, a work done by hand. Translation also happens when a walking event is transformed into fragments attained by walking. 

As a case I use my work “Tammimäki 3416 steps”. Here my concern is a representation of walking. I used walking as a method of measuring distances, distances between oak trees. I have mapped a wood by walking with a thread roll attached on my feet. Later I have crocheted the yarn from each measured distance to form pieces the size of my foot sole.  Through my walking I received two kinds of information: one was the amount of steps and the second was the size of a crocheted fragment in a form of calculated crochet lines and crochet eyes. So the distance is presented in two different kinds of categories. Based on this information, I could make further fragments.

In this case my concern was a representation of walking and what kind of knowledge is to be gained while walking. As knowledge I understand something integral, something supportive and non-factual. To gain information, this method is not rational if understood on the basis of rational, economical and technocratic reasoning.


Niran Baibulat is a visual artist, based in Helsinki, working in installations and environmental works.
Baibulat has graduated at the University of Art and Design, Textile Department, Helsinki. She has exhibited her
work at venues including “Side by Side”, Pori Art Museum, ”norden@world”, Frederik`s Bastion, Copenhagen.
She has participated in residencies eg. at Aomori Contemporary Art Center in Japan, Centre d´Art i Natura de
Farrera, Catalonia in the Pyrenees Mountains and recently at the Saari Residence in the west coast of Finland. Her
latest public work “Plain tree Lane 8, 90420 Oulu” is an installation for a suburban library in Oulu, Finland. The
work consists of eight trees made of beeswaxed camouflaged clothes.
In her works she applies common everyday skills like ironing clothes for a site-specific installation to construct a
space. She investigates an embodiment approach to a place. Walking creates order. Mapping a wood by walking
with attached thread roll at her feet is a method by which she gains crocheted inscriptions and diagrams in a form
of her foot´s length.
She is pursuing her postgraduate studies at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.
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