Friday 20 June


Parallel Workshops:
Urban activism, artistic research and critical spatial practices
The challenge to professional roles and agency presented by the contested politics of contemporary cities.
Mick Wilson, Valland Academy, Gothenburg University

Queer/ing Urban Space and Time
How are urban spaces defined as gendered or sexual spaces? What codes and markers make queer spaces in cities visible and recognizable? 

Andrea B. Braidt, Ana Hoffner, Anna T., Academy of Fine Art, Vienna

The Infra-ordinary

Explores the concept of The Infraordinary – a term coined by Georges Perec to describe the ordinary and habitual – in relation to the urban and build environment.

Espen Lunde Nielsen and Claus Peder Pedersen, Aarhus School of Architecture

Public Space and the City

Public Space in relation to artistic research and critical spatial practices, the challenge to professional roles and the impact on contemporary cities (positive or negative).
Johan Verbeke, Aarhus School of Architecture

Saturday 21 June


A Guide to Horizon 2020

Practical workshop for writing Horizon 2020 bids
Truus Ophuysen, Senior Advisor ELIA

Research assessment and quality criteria

Interactive session on different standards for assessment of quality of PhD research
Michael Schwab, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Artistic Research (JAR)

Supervisors Training
Workshop on Practice-based PhD Supervision
James Swinson, University of the Arts London (UAL): Central Saint Martins

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