Work packages

Work packages

Three networks, three working groups, three conferences;
symposia, an exhibition and a publication

ELIA and GradCAM, Dublin jointly coordinate the SHARE academic network. The European Commission has selected the project for structural funding over the period 2010-2013.
36 graduate schools and institutions engaged in third-cycle research in the arts take part, representing almost all European countries.

SHARE consists of three networks, working independently:

Graduate schools

A network of existing graduate schools to develop innovative, cross-disciplinary approaches and programmes of world-class excellence, building upon the current EARN European Artistic Research Network.

Development 3rd cycle education

A newly formed network for developing third-cycle education, providing information, support and a collaboration base for programmes in the start-up phase.

Artists + Researchers + Supervisors

A network that creates a forum for exchange beween artists, PhD researchers and supervisors, continuing and expanding the EUFRAD forum for research degrees in arts and design.

Further working groups are concerned with the validation, advocacy, and dissemination of artistic research; conferences in Copenhagen, London, and Brussels are planned.

Also, SHARE will organise an online competition and exhibition of research work of ‘promising artist-researchers’ planned in Vienna October 2012. All working groups and networks will contribute to the final book publication due in 2013.